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If you are planning to work in the cannabis economy in CALIFORNIA, this is the place to start!
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  • 136-page hard-copy manual
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You will learn how to organize & simplify basic office procedures while gaining an understanding of the many department requirements in a cannabis company.

Start your own company!

Once you know how a cannabis company should be designed, you can implement these practices and design your own niche cannabis business!

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Meet the instructor

Lorinda Olsen

Lorinda has been an active participant in the emerging cannabis economy since 2016 when she helped a wholesale company get licensed and established in Oregon.

Though no longer with this company, because of her experience and skills in organizing and simplifying office procedures in multiple industries, she was able to write the first training edition that defines a desired outcome for those wanting to join the cannabis economy.

As approved regulations legalizing cannabis have emerged in more states, she has taken the original manuscript and revised it to make it specific to each new states' rules and regulations. If your legal state is not yet available, it soon will be!
Patrick Jones - Course author
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