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Design the Cannabis Career of your dreams!

Learn the basics so you can develop a new career or start a new compliant business in the cannabis economy.     
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Benefits of our training programs

It won't take long to get you up to speed on what you need to know to work in the cannabis economy.

Practical approach

Our training will help you determine your existing skills that will enable you to define your niche and design the career of your dreams. 

State specific

Only legal states are available for training and each edition focuses on a specific states' rules and regulations. You need to learn what you don't know in the state you plan to work in.

For your career

Whether you want to start a new career or start your own business, this training will set you ahead of the curve and save you much time and headache figuring it out.

This hands-on program is a 2-hour sit-down-learning-session that includes 136-pages of niche-opportunities to help canna-curious-job-seekers define the
skill-sets they bring to the table!
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Your Essential Guide

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Video 1

How to Design the Cannabis Career of Your Dreams: Benefits, Outcomes, Challenges, Mistakes, and Myths.
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Video 2

Who ~ What ~ Why ~ How
and Scholarship Information!

The CannaBook of SOPs


Introductory Special...

$250 ADDITIONAL discount available to the first 10 students in Each State!

Final Price: $497!

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